capitol-Record_bwI’ve written a page or two for corporations and agencies over the years: backgrounders, whitepapers, case studies. For a while I cranked out press releases like calendars for Christmastime.

These days there’s still some of that. But there’s more of an emphasis on byline articles, corporate blog posts, and website copy–writing that’s addressed more directly to the consuming reader rather than an editor or journalist looking to scoop it up.

Because I’ve worked in-house with agencies in Silicon Valley (and freelance with agencies and companies across the country), I’ve had opportunities to write all kinds of material on all kinds of subjects–health care, wine making, semiconductor design, restaurants and hotels, software manufacturing, food and produce, medical devices, and lots more.

On my testimonials page you’ll discover what (some very trustworthy) people think about my work and what it’s like working with me.

And go to my samples page to read a few things I’ve written.