“At one time Roland managed all client written communication on behalf of SIPR, the PR agency I founded. His work was superb: he writes succinctly and clearly, and is capable of working under the gun, which, unfortunately, is the norm in our profession.

“Roland makes it easy for journalists to quickly understand a client’s business model and market position, and, most importantly, discover why their stories are newsworthy.”

Shel Israel, Contributor
New York, NY

“Roland is a skillful and talented PR professional who knows all the techniques and tools of our trade. He is a gifted writer and editor, too — he’s always ready to conquer the blank page and is never daunted by it. I’ve worked with him on many projects in technology and life sciences and always enjoy collaborating with him. In addition, he has been a generous guide and excellent adviser to dozens of budding PR people and other writers.”

Judy Curtis, Principal
San Mateo, CA

“Roland’s innate understanding of marketing and PR audiences, combined with his acumen for the craft of writing, provide a unique and valuable commodity in the business world. We consulted on a major project together, with half the country between us, but our internal communication couldn’t have been any better had we worked in the same office, side by side. Roland’s not just an excellent writer, but a joy to work with.”

Lisa Wells, Principal
Product Principles
Austin, TX

“What an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Roland on a series of articles. He is knowledgeable, a superb writer, and possesses a superstar ability to capture the “voice” of the publication he is writing for. He manages to make all of this happen without skipping a beat or missing a deadline. I am looking forward to additional writing projects; it is a pleasure to work with a professional of this caliber.”

Pam Abrahamsson, Vice President
Stephenson Group Public Relations
Portland, OR

“I had the pleasure of working with Roland on a large copywriting project for our website and was very impressed with both the quality of his work and his dedication to the work he produced. In addition to the strong writing and organizational skills he brought to the project, Roland also did a great deal of research allowing me to pass off his assignments with minimal direction after our initial meeting. Overall, his contributions allowed me to dedicate my time elsewhere and eased the burden of a tight deadline. He was a pleasure to work with, made all of his deadlines, and delivered great content. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a high-quality copywriter.”

Megan Murray, Public Relations & Content Marketer
Altius Education, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

“I’ve worked with Roland on various projects for many years, and he’s written on behalf of my own businesses as well as those of my clients. He’s an outstanding writer and editor, and understands the strategic aspects behind whatever he’s writing.”

Steven Beck, Principal
Belmont, CA

“I don’t always read for pleasure, but when I do I read Roland Goity.”

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