San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.
M.F.A in creative writing (fiction) 2006. 3.95 GPA (Phi Kappa Phi invitee).

Claremont-McKenna College, Claremont, CA.
B.A in political science. (Concentration in Foreign Affairs).

Professional Writing, Editing, & Teaching Experience

Content Editor, Arctic Wolf Networks
2017-2022. Eden Prairie, MN (Remote)
Wrote, edited, and oversaw writing and editing projects for security operations solutions leader.

Freelance Writer/Ghostwriter/Consultant
Provided freelance writing, ghostwriting, and consulting expertise to public relations agencies and corporations nationwide.

Senior Copy Manager, McLellan Creative
2016-2017. Ashland, OR
Joined team of expert writers and editors on marketing and content asset writing on behalf of global tech leaders.

Senior PR Manager, SIPR
2007-2008. San Mateo, CA.
Collaborated with colleagues of Silicon Valley-based public relations agency to deliver PR and marketing services to clients in web technology and regulated life sciences.

Assistant Editor, Fiction International
2004-2006. San Diego, CA.
Helped edit and manage the production of top-tier literary journal published at San Diego State University. Worked closely with editor-in-chief and reviewed manuscripts under highest consideration for publication. Held office hours to supervise and coordinate with graduate student readers concerning manuscript reading duties.

Graduate Assistant, San Diego State University
2003-2004. San Diego, CA.
Assisted two professors of the business school who specialize in information decisions systems (IDS) and business communications. Graded papers for five (5) classes. Maintained office hours to meet and assist individual students in business writing.

Supervisor, Editorial Services. SIPR
1997-2000. San Mateo, CA.
Managed written communications for clients of Internet-focused public relations agency. Wrote, edited, or provided final agency approval on all client press materials. Managed and trained all account employees through writing seminars and one-on-one sessions.


Fiction (Short Stories)

“Something Akin to Kindness” 2 Bridges Review  (Winter  2015) [Print];
“Little Girl Lost” Dirty Chai (Winter  2015) [Online]

“Tiny’s Fifteen Minutes” Literary Orphans  (Issue 11,  2014) [Online]

“One Saturday in July” Clare Literary Journal (Volume 14, Summer 2013) [Online];
“Sand Trapped” Home of the Brave: Somewhere in the Sand (Press 53 Anthology) [Print] ;
“Making Room for Uncle Arnie” WhiskeyPaper (May 2013) [Online] ;
“Nightwatch” Oblong Magazine (Issue 2, 2013) [Print];
“The Ringer” Pithead Chapel (February 2013, Volume 2: Issue 2) [Online];
“Bethany’s Blessing” Folitate Oak (February 2013) [Online];
“The Secret of Sparkling Valley” Menacing Hedge (Winter 2013) [Online]

“Deer, Oh Dear!” Penduline (Issue 6, September 2012) [Online];
“Your Future in Teaching” Defenestration Magazine (August 29, 2012) [Online];
“So Lucky” First Stop Fiction (August 9, 2012) [Online];
“Impressionable” Bluestem Magazine (June 2012) [Online];
“When We Were Young (and Dumb)” The MacGuffin (Winter 2012) [Print];
“Not Always Clean” Underground Voices (January 2012) [Online]

“Temp on Arrival” The Legendary (October 2011, Issue 32) [Online];
“Filthy Lucre” Slush Pile (Issue Eleven) [Online];
“Y.O. Ming” RED OCHRE LiT (July 2011) [Online];
“Welcome to the Real World” The Montreal Review (May 2011) [Online];
“Separate Negotiations” Stymie Magazine (Spring/Summer 2011) [PDF];
“Out the Back Door” (with Kimy Martinez) BluePrintReview (Issue 27, 2011) [Online];
“The Adobe Ascension Drop-by” Barrier Islands Review (Issue 7) [PDF];
“Previously Unquestioned” Foliate Oak (March 2011) [Online];
“More Moxie Than Ashley” Monkeybicycle (January 2011) [Online];
“Mindless Spectacle” ACREAGE (Winter 2011) [Online];
“Who Wore White and Who Wore Blue” Bartleby Snopes (January 2011) [Online]

“Vantage Point” Fiction International (2010, Issue 43) [Print];
“Bear Country Discomfort” Blue Lake Review (December 2010) [Online];
“What We Do Until Then” Caper Literary Journal (November 2010) [Online];
“Between Red Rock and a Place in Peru” Grey Sparrow Journal (Fall 2010, Issue 4) [Print/Online];
“Balance” The Raleigh Review (Issue 1, 2010) [Print];
“Rummaging” The Linnet’s Wings (Summer, 2010) [Online];
“From the Ruins” Necessary Fiction (June, 2010) [Online];
“Needed Advice” Metazen (May 31, 2010) [Online];
“Incinerate” decomP (May, 2010) [Online];
“Special Performance” Foundling Review (March 2010, Special Issue) [Online];
“Getting Even in Room 15” Writers’ Bloc (Rutgers) (Issue 9, March 2010) [Online];
“Beyond the Sound” Clearfield Review (Issue 4, 2010) [Online];
“Restricted Development Area” BluePrintReview (Issue 23, January 2010) [Online]

“Friendly and Accommodating, He Wore Many Hats” The Legendary (December 20, 2009) [Online];
“Pot Stickers To-Go” Monkeybicycle (December 2009) [Online];
“Livin a Little” Paradigm (Issue 3, 2009) [Print Anthology];
“She Loved Them Both, In All Honesty” Underground Voices (December 2009) [Online];
“At the Foot of Golden Hill” Journal of Truth and Consequence (Winter Issue 2009) [Online];
“Around South Pass City” The Battered Suitcase (December 2009) [Online];
“Sand Trapped” PANK (November 2009) [Online];
“Stoney Sanders Application…” Nexus (Fall 2009) [Online];
“Genevieve” Amarillo Bay (November 2009) [Online];
“A Little Matter of Life and Death” 13th Warrior Review (2009, Volume 7, Issue 13) [Online];
“A Nic of Time” Foliate Oak (September, 2009) [Online];
“Dylan Got a New Job” Nanoism (August 14, 2009) [Online];
“What He Was” Mad Swirl (August 3, 2009) [Online];
“Hairpin” Foundling Review (July 2009, Issue 3) [Online];
“Green Lake” Slush Pile (Issue 3, 2009) [Online];
“Few Surprises in Hit Man Draft” Big Pulp (July 2009) [Online];
“World’s a Stage” Eclectica (Volume 13, No. 3; July/August 2009) [Online];
“Different Angles” Word Slaw (June 2009) [Online];
“Next Available Flight” Mobius: The Journal of Social Change (Summer 2009) [Online];
“Pants on Fire” Gander Press Review (Spring/Summer 2009) [Print];
“Gutter Ball” The Binnacle (Spring 2009) [Print];
“Still in Kansas” Compass Rose (Spring 2009, Volume IX) [Print];
“Rock of Ages” Shaking Like a Mountain (Spring 2009) [Online];
“Dreaming” BluePrintReview (April 2009) [Online];
“Goofy’s Wonderful World of Disney” The Northville Review (April 2009) [Online];
“Esther Severeid’s Unpaid Phone Bill” Dogmatika (April 2009) [Online];
“Thrill Ride.” ken*again (Spring 2009) [Online];
“Cheval Noir” Word Riot (March 2009) [Online];
“Judgment Gone Up in Smoke” The Externalist (February 2009) [Online];
“Livin’ a Little” Paradigm (Winter 2009, The Jackson Issue) [Online];
“Novel on a Napkin” Six Sentences (January 2009) [Online]

“Ernestine’s Cafe: A Newcomer’s Review” The Oddville Press (December 2008) [PDF];
“Andi’s Animal Kingdom” Bartleby Snopes (December 2008) [Online];
“America’s Least Wanted” decomP (October 2008) [Online];
“Shystered” Up the Staircase (October 2008) [Online];
“Parental Coddling of a Young Psychopath” Underground Voices (July, 2008) [Online];
“Fallen Soldier” Dark Sky Magazine (Issue 7:9, 2008) [Online];
“Climbing” Long Story Short (May, 2008) [Online];
“Anything but Fifteen Percent” Watchword (Issue 10, 2008) [Print];
“Seaworthy” Scrivener Creative Review (Issue 33, 2008) [Print];
“Arnold and Sandy” Houston Literary Review (March, 2008) [Online];
“Author Intrusion” Sub-Lit (Volume 1, #3, 2008) [Online]

“Sports Fanaticism: A Case Study” Foliate Oak (December, 2007) [Online];
“Animal Crack” Fiction International (Issue 40, 2007) [Print];
“Smokey’s Mountain” Conte: A Journal of Narrative Fiction (Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2007) [Online]

“When the Saints Go Marching Out” Talking River Review (2006) [Print];
“The Final Note” Bryant Literary Review (Volume 7, 2006) [Print]


“One More Shot” Ariss Productions (2002) [Short Film]

Non Fiction

Weekly column on Major League Baseball playoffs. CONSTRUCTION. 2012. [Online];
Rock music columns (various). 2009;
“Hazard on the Trail.” Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures (Casagrande Press, 2007);
Opinion pieces on digital music (various). Industry Standard’s Beat Sheet;
Ghost article on healthcare fraud. Healthplan. January 2005;
”Mining the Valley for Silicon Gold.” Gentry. May 2003


Book reviews (numerous). San Francisco Chronicle. 2004-2006;
Music reviews (numerous). OnlineRock. 2005-2006

As Editor

Editor of online journal, WIPs: Works (of Fiction) in Progress (2012-present);
Fiction editor of online art and literature magazine, LITnIMAGE (2008-present);
Co-editor of EXPERIENCED: Rock Music Tales of Fact and Fiction (Vagabondage Press, 2011)


Best of the Net nomination (Short Fiction) 2013;
StorySouth’s Million Writer’s Award Nominations (Best Online Short Story) 2007; 2008; 2009; Notable story selection for 2008;
Pushcart Prize Nominations (Short Fiction) 2007; 2008;
Award for Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA. 2002