When it comes to writing creatively I prefer writing short fiction. It gives me flexibility to write about many interests. It also provides the opportunity to write about a more diverse cast of  characters, as well as all kinds of scenes and storylines.

I only recently began writing creatively again. However, between 2006-2015 I published close to 100 short stories , many in print but most online. Some are just a page or two long (often referred to as “flash” fiction), others as long as 30 pages. Some are experimental in form, others pretty conventional. A lot of my work might be considered “social” fiction, insofar as it deals with contemporary issues that  are more commonly tackled through journalism or essays rather than fictional narrative.

I’ve written a good deal of creative non-fiction too, especially pieces on outdoor adventure. I’ve also written about rock music, team sports, regional history, and have reviewed albums and books for leading publications. So please check out my samples page to read many examples of my creative work.